We got nominated for best punk/hardcore act in Boston via the Phoenix... Do what you want with this.


 We're back. Some of us in the Van got arrested in OK for pot/pipes/open beers, who cares. It was by far the most eventful trip I've been on. There were pickles, skateboards, celebs, smashed windows, blood, peanut butter, sex, moonshine, theft, and rock. This whole trip was documented by our bud Faaj, I'll see what's up with that. Here's a nervous energy session we didn't in Birmingham.
For now you'll have to deal with phone photos until I get the film developed, son.

Bands we saw/played with you should check out.

Canada, see you soon.
Loaf life '12


 Spill the Brine Tour w/ The Clippers
Whoa it's been a long time since I've posted here, cool I said it....who cares. We're leaving tomorrow for an 18 day tour by ourselves! New songs, new threads, new attitude....Look for us cruel world when we we're working on our base tan in your city this month. Without further ado, the dates homie!

Mon 5-BOSTON @ What We Talk About w/ Cuffs, Banditas & Fat History Month
Tues 6 NY @ Big Snow w/ Weird Rivers, Life Sized Maps & The Living City
Wed 7 PHILLY @ The Cracker Factory w/ Scarier Area & Stable Boys
Thur 8 BALTIMORE @ CCAS w/ Barrows
Fri 9 RICHMOND The Catacombs w/ Cheyenne
Sat 10 CHARLOTTE @ Kickstand w/ Pullman Strike
Sun 11 BIRMINGHAM @ God’s Butt w/ The Urns
Mon 12 NEW ORLEANS @ Dragons Den w/ TBA
Tues 13 AUSTIN @ Red 7- Topshelf Showcase
Wed 14 AUSTIN-Barton Springs
Thurs 15 AUSTIN @ House show w/ TBA
Fri 16 AUSTIN @ House show w/ Music Band
Fri 16 AUSTIN @ 1808 w/ TS and the past haunts
Sat 17 TULSA @ TBA w/ Music Band
sun 18 ST. LOUIS @ LOFT PARTY w/ Music Band
Mon 19 CHICAGO @ Underground Lounge w/ Luther & Like Bats
Tues 20 CINCINNATI @ House  w/ Dessa Suns
Wed 21 CLEVELAND @ Now That’s Class w/ Luther
Thur 22 FLEMINGTON,NJ @ Pallet Town w/ Slingshot Dakota
Fri 23 CAMBRIDGE @ Lorem Ipsum w/ Squarehead (Dublin)

for updates


So we're back from short travels with Bozmo. Too many blurry visions of having too much to drink, too many girls we hit on, too many people we made feel uncomfortable with our obsession of eye contact and dry irresponsible humor and hitting on too many girls. Now that we're back and year is ending I'm starting to get a little nostalgic. 
In this post I'm going to upload some pictures I took & developed during our many travels this year.  Quick shout out to people who don't read this in no specific order..... The World is a freaky place, Music Band, Band Name, Sneeze, Bozmo, Coping, Chandeliers( rip), The Living City, Black Norse (rip). Miss Tito, Ian Van Opijnen, TSK & TSS, Jack & Jeff, that kid Jeremy in Richmond(sorry about that record bro), John McCarthy & the Dark Arts Doom Crew Lifers, Brown, Grillo's Pickles, Orchard Skateshop, Eddie Andre, Ryan Greaves & Michael Guillemette, John Esquivel, Monsignor Elf, Elinora, Rally Owl and the camp hope dwellers (dang that'd be a sick band name) and Martha Vineyard Landbank Commission. I hope I forgot a lot.


Thanks for a great year. We have one show in January then we seriously need to write so stop asking us to play tight shows...

January 4th
Allston City Limits
w/Grass is Green & Sweet Tooth



The Clippers: Switched On
So, we took another glorious vacation from the clippers after coming home from taking sneeze on tour. 
Chapter 1, OUR INTENTIONS.  
To take September off for writing then hit it hard in the streets during the following months.
Chapter 2, TO A CRAWL
Our activity took a smooth halt to the point where we started denying shows. VH1 probably would have had grim thoughts for the future of the group.
Chapter 3, SWITCHED ON
Though we only have a few new hits, there are shows to be played (below) and fat asses to be slapped (everywhere.)

Oct. 21st
Topshelf  CMJ Showcase
330 Melrose Street Brooklyn, NY 
w/ The World is & AGBPOL

Nov.  7th
Basement in Allston, MA
w/ Caravels 

Nov. 19th
Great Scott Allston, MA
w/ Pretty & Nice

Chapter 4, REVVED UP
A winter travels romance with Bozmo December 9th-17th.

-Friday December 9th  WESTERN, MA @ TBA w/ CALIFORNIAX

Saturday December 10th LONG ISLAND, NY @ a house w/ TBA

-Sunday December 11th BETHLEHEM, PA @ Secret Art Space w/ HANDS

-Monday December 12th BALTIMORE, MD @ the Metro Gallery w/ THE NOTIONS

-Tuesday December 13th RICHMOND, VA @ The Catocombs w/ TBA

-Wednesday December 14th DC @ Desperados w/ THE NOTIONS

-Thursday December 15th PHILADELPHIA, PA @ The Cracker Factory w/ EVERYONE EVERYWHERE

-Friday December 16th  HAMDEN, CT @ 20 Amherst street w/TWIABP & Adam from Tigers Jaw

-Saturday December 17th BOSTON @ Obrien’s  w/DREAM WARRIOR

See theclippers.muxtape.com for show info.
More pictures to come once developed.
VH1 if you're reading, help us sell out.

A collection of choice songs put together by JR (DA DOOM CREW) and myself to help you cut the rug hard with other swingers such as yourself.
*BURN/10 per mix/click link to download/more to come/BURN*



the clippers on hiatus
Yes, it's true. After tomorrows show at Palmers in Andover we will officially be taking a break due to me moving back to the vineyard for a few months.  I will however be coming off island for one show: June 27th @ O'Briens w/ bozmo which unfortunately means we will not be playing friendship fest.

the good news:

An Evening With The Clippers is being pressed to vinyl right now! Be sure to check out topshelf for pre orders which should be up this week. And if you don't feel safe with the internets you can purchase it when we come to your town this summer on our tour with sneeze!!!!
28- Boston, MA
29- Syracuse NY
30- Akron, OH*
31- Chicago, IL

1- Indianapolis, IN
2- St Louis, MO**
3- Denver/Boulder, CO**
4- Salt Lake City, UT**
5- Reno, NV
6- San Francisco, CA
7- Oakland, CA   
8- Fresno, CA  
9- Los Angeles, CA -
10- San Diego, CA-
11- Phoenix, AZ**
12- Santa Fe, NM**
13- Oklahoma City, OK
14- Denton, TX
15- Austin, TX
16- Houston, TX**
17- Birmingham, AL  -
18- Louisville, KY**
19- Richmond, VA
20- Richmond / dc 
21- Baltimore, MD
22- Philadelphia, PA
23- Brooklyn, NY
24- CT
25- Amherst, ma**
** means we need help and any would be appreciated. Please email theclippersma@gmail.com if you think you could. More details on the rise. 

Don't forget about us cruel world because when we come back.....well I'll just let you find out.
au revoir


This past weekend was:
too much fun.


ps: @theMAclippers


An interview w/ The Clippers

The tour down to SXSW summed up in 2 seconds


F     R     E      E      E     A     R    L
F     R     E      E      E     A     R    L
F     R     E      E      E     A     R    L
3/11 - Montclair NJ @Dexters Lab w/ Hightide Hotel
3/12 - Huntington, WV @ 636 Trenton Place
3/13 - Greenville, SC @ Suite 8
3/14 - Birmingham AL @ God's Butt
3/15 - Austin, TX @ Mellow Mushroom w/ Football Etc, Diving
3/17 - Oklahoma City @ Bad Granny's Bazaar
3/18 - St Louis OK @ Lemp Community Arts Center
3/19 - Glendale, WV @ HELL Bent Fest
3/20 - Philadelphia PA @ Hong Kong Garden

F     R     E      E      E     A     R    L
F     R     E      E      E     A     R    L
F     R     E      E      E     A     R    L


I'd like to take the time to share some sites of friends that I love and think you should check out


You can now pre order the split 7'' with our dudes in Chicago COPING on the Topshelf  Records web-store here! 75 white, 100 black, 125 gold, 200 green. The split includes two spanking new tracks recorded January 3rd and 4th 2011 in Uxbridge, MA with our boy Ian.  Carl Saff mastered the tracks.

1. Fur
2. That's Not Me

1. Stoopin'
2. F For Now